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Zyto Elite Testing

How do you know what nutritional supplements, remedies or treatments are right for you? How much hope and money have you wasted using supplements that didn’t make a difference?

Today, the nutritional supplements and remedies your body prefers can be determined using the Decision Support Technology of the Zyto Elite. The Elite System measures fluctuations in the energy patterns of your skin (GSR, or Galvanic Skin Response).

Zyto Compass The basic technology was developed by NASA in the late 1970s and one common application is in polygraph machines.  But with the Elite, each stimulus creates a unique response which the software measures and analyzes.  These responses are matched against a database of nutritional supplements and treatments, such as acupuncture,homeopathy, spinal manipulation, herbal therapy, etc. with the result being recommendations for supplements and treatments based on your body’s own preferences!


Scientists have finally figured out a way to listen to the electrical signals your body emits that can actually tell you what it needs to build and maintain health.

Although it took a long time to discover, the principle is actually quite simple.

Using a specially designed input device, your body will respond to questions asked of it about it's current condition, what it needs to correct imbalances, how much of a particular supplement or substance, such as water, can help it maintain health, and a lot more.

I have spent years studying nutrition and helping patients reach new levels of health and well-being by prescribing certain remedies.

But never before could I be so sure that I was accurately "reading" their body's messages and suggesting the right supplements or remedies.


As soon as the "reading" is complete, we'll know more about what is going on inside your body and what supplements, treatments, or remedies your body prefers to correct any imbalances.

It's really easy-but extremely effective for rooting out and treating conditions such as:

  • Allergies to food, molds, additives, pollens

  • Chemical and pesticide sensitivities 

  • Heavy metal toxins 

  • Specific medical conditions

Undiagnosed allergies and sensitivities can cause a whole slew of problems and aren't easily detected by traditional medical tests, which often are time consuming, expensive, and  uncomfortable.

Your health profile will include information about your

  • Organ systems

  • Spine and nervous system

  • Acupuncture meridian system

  • Mouth and the energy pathways to your teeth

Once your profile is complete, the highly sophisticated computer program will provide a readout of the nutritional supplements or other remedies, such as herbs or homeopathics, that can help correct imbalances in your system.

Every three to six weeks, we suggest that you have a follow-up reading until all major issues are resolved. We can then assist you in creating a way to maintain your health.