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Spinal Traction

There are many types of disorders known to cause back pain and neck pain, including those defined as mechanical and/or compressive. Spinal injuries or pain are frequently caused by a degenerative process affecting discs, joints, ligaments and/or muscles. Compressive spinal conditions may cause radicular pain (a specific form of referral pain that follows an exact path or nerve root) by applying increased pressure on spinal nerves. Such conditions may include sciatica, leg pain, arm pain, wrist pain, foot pain, spinal stenosis, low back pain, and neck pain.

DTS Spinal Traction TableIn these conditions, spinal traction therapy has had a long history of success in reducing pain, and restoring function to the injured areas of the spine. Traction helps to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves, stretches the shortened ligaments and muscles thereby reducing symptoms.

Spinal traction therapy decompresses the spine and also helps to improve nutritional absorption and movement of fluid to the disc areas by the pumping mechanism of the traction. Our office is supplied with one of the most up to date Decompression Traction Systems available.

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