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Types of Treatment

Relief Care

In this phase of treatment the primary goal is to provide the individual with symptomatic relief. Treatment is focused on those techniques and therapies which are known to reduce swelling, muscle spasm and pain quickly. This will allow the majority of individuals to continue their activities of daily living.  At completion of this phase of care the patient is still prone to relapse and needs to watch how and what they do.  The condition that predisposed the patient to injury is still present. Pain is reduced.  Additional care will be needed to correct the problem that caused the weakness in the spine, joint, tendon or muscles.

Corrective Care

The corrective phase of care is to strengthen the injured areas to prevent return or immediate re-injury.  During this phase, care will shift to treatments that will help to reduce nerve irritation, improve joint function, joint mobility, muscle strength and return to normal daily activities.  These may include such things as return to work requirements, sports activities, and other activities of enjoyment such as a restful nights sleep. Treatment will continue to improve spinal alignment, exercise will be recommended  to strengthen muscles that support the area of injury, stretching activiies to improve mobility.  Improvement in spinal or joint balance will be evaluated with concentration on normal posture and education of body movements during activities.  This is the most important phase of care because it helps in the prevention of degeneration in years to come. 

Maintenance Care

Maintenance care is for conditions that may have been severe; preventing full recovery or conditions that have degenerated past the stage of the bodies ability to repair itself to normal homeostasis.  This may be due to prolonged damage without seeking proper treatment such as degenerative disc disease or arthritic changes of the spinal bones and joints preventing full stablization of the injured areas. Without maintenance care the condition has increased risk of progressively degenerating more.  In maintainance care we try to provide the best function possible and at the same time slow progression.  Chiropractic spinal adjustments, nutritional supplements, laser treatments, or acupuncture treatments along with changes in activities of daily living such as diet and exercise may be needed.  Periodic care is better and more cost effective than chronic emergency care. 

Wellness Care

Wellness care are for patients that want to take control of their health and to make it the best that they can achieve.  In this form of care spinal integrity, diet, and exercise are very important.   Since the nervous system controls the whole body continued reduction of spinal nerve irritation is very important.  Other natural ways to assist the body such as nutrition testing will be evaluated to provide adaquate vitamins to help the body maintain homeostasis.  Naturopathic forms of therapy can help in this phase by improving general body functions.    It's your health.  Take control today!