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There are many things that contribute to our body being toxic.  The diet we eat has a big effect on the toxicity of our body.  If we constantly eat processed food, or drink sodas all the time, take a lot of medications, or inhale toxic fumes from our environment.  All these things contribute to a toxic body.  Each of these toxins, if not eliminated from the body, begin to store in our bodies tissues and organs. 

Toxins are generally eliminated through the kidney, liver, skin or lungs.  When toxins build up in the body the organ systems begin to break down and normal function is lost.  A good Detox program can assist the body to eliminate these toxins.

Our office can assist you in this process with nutritional supplements that assist the body naturally to detox itself.  If heavy metals are present then we can provide you with homeopathic formulas that assist the body to eliminate these heavy metals.

Additional therapies are also provided in our office to assit detoxification of the body.  When toxins are removed the body it is easier for your healing process to begin and be maintained.  Many times our body is overwhelmed by the toxic worl we live in.